Friday, December 31, 2010

Fried Rice and Short soup

Happy New Year everyone!!  After years of partying and counting down, squeezing with the crowd and getting thrashed on New Year's Eve.  I've decided to spend this New Year's Eve reflecting and making new resolutions for 2011.  A nice cosy meal, and hurdle up infront of the TV watching all the good movies I've missed during the year.

Today's menu is really simple and what I consider comfort food.  Takes less then 30mins from preparation to eating.

Ingredients for soup (You can use anything u fancy, i've put in all my favourite stuff in the soup)

Chicken Stock
a packet of Abalone Mushroom
2 hot dogs
some thin slices of pork belly
Pork balls

Ingredients for fried rice

Luncheon Meat aka Spam
Fish cakes
Mixed peas or green peas
One egg
minced garlic
a dash of soy sauce
optional (Cashew Nuts, Pork floss) - I didn't put this as i didn't have any at home.

Instructions on Soup

Boil chicken stock.  Add all the ingredients.  Bring to boil.  Once they are cooked.  Ready to serve.
If your ingredients are frozen, add those first.

Instructions on Fried Rice

Stir fry mince garlic till fragrant
Add in Luncheon Meat/Spam, fry till golden brown
Add in fish cakes
Add in a dash of soy sauce
Add in Peas
Stir fry for a while then
Add in cooked rice and mix all the ingredients well.  Add in Cashew nut,  mix well.
Let it heat for a while, keep stirring it.
Serve with a sprinkle of Pork floss (which i didn't have.... :( )

Happy New Year & Bon Appetit
Monica Eng

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