Friday, December 17, 2010

Dancing Chicken aka Beer Can Chicken

Yes, I'm making a Dancing Chicken today.  I'm going to make that Chicken literally DANCE!!  This is actually a BBQ recipe, but since my bbq pit isn't big enough nor does it come with a fully covered lid, i used the oven instead.

If you do have a bbq pit with a full lid, pile the charcoal on the inner corner of the pit, light it.  Heat should reach about 180 degree celsius.  Cook the chicken in the corner of the pit that has no charcoal.  Brush marinate on it every half and hour.  After 1.5hours of cooking turn the chicken so that it browns evenly.  Cook it for about 3hours on the pit.

Ingredients (Serves 2-3)

1 Chicken (I prefer to use free range)
1 can of beer
1/2 a french onion
Black pepper


(You can basically use anything you fancy for the marinate, whatever u can find at home, I used the following)

1/4 can of beer
2 table spoon of oyster sauce
A dash of sherry
Soy sauce
Chopped onions
chilli sauce

How to cook

Preheat oven at 180 degrees celsius

Wash chicken, Cut onions into cubes
Rub chicken with a little salt and pepper

Use only 1/2 can of beer

Stuff beer can with 1/2 beer into chicken's "ass", make sure your onions stay intact inside the chicken's cavity (So now your chicken is standing and ready to rock) This actually allow the beer to infuse into the flesh of the chicken during cooking and keep it moist from the inside and crispy on the outside during the long  cooking time.

Stand the chicken in a baking tray

Brush on marinate on the chicken, make sure u coat it well.

Usher your chicken on to the "dance floor" (oven)

Let it dance for 30mins, brush on marinate again.

While waiting, fry the fries in hot oil for 5-7 mins on high heat, depending on how crispy you want it

Keep brushing it with marinate every 30 mins for about 2hours or till it's beautifully browned and crispy.

Serve with Salad or Fries.  I used the frozen fries my dad had brought for me recently.

 Bon Appetit,
Monica Eng


  1. OMG.....i swear you can read my mind!!! i'm just going to look for a beer can chicken recipe to cook on the grill in the freezing outdoor. you are a great cook monica!!! i can tell just by looking at the photos.....but i would be able to confirm with much greater certainty if i could try your yummy looking food! :P

  2. Wahhh such a coincidence. U are so lucky you have a big BBQ to do this. I think this recipe will be really awesome on the charcoal!!! hehe FLY here and try my food and while you're at it, you could guest chef on our blog. U have lots of really yummy recipe on ur FB as well. I get hungry looking at those sticky cinnamon buns of yours all the time!!! Send me recipe!! I wanna try making that too. :D

  3. isn't putting a beer can unhygienic? because of the heated alluminium?

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Clean the beer can before stuffing it in the chicken of cos otherwise it's as unhygienic as drinking beer str8 from can. Not to worry about heated aluminium as the melting point of aluminium is 660 degree celsius 1220 F.
    At 180degree celsius for 2hours is safe. But only in a conventional oven, never microwave Foil. However, If you're worried about heated aluminium still. You could try stuff a glass of beer up the chicken's ass instead. I think it'll work the same way.