Thursday, August 23, 2012

Playing with Food - The Spagheddog!

My love for food started from young.  It all started with me and my cousin Clare's obsession with Playing with our food.  Perhaps it's the fact that I was brought up in a very food centric family/country. Every Sunday we had a huge feast at my grandma's house.  Clare and I both had games on creating the Perfect mouthful.... making the perfect plate.  Trying to wrap a little bit of everything on the table into a piece of green, carefully drizzling the different gravy onto our little parcel.

As an adult, I still love playing with food.  Once I was making Pineapple tarts with my friends Michelle...started of with real pretty flour shaped tarts....slowly we got bored and started to make "unmentionable" tarts.  U don't want to know what we made but everyone had a good laugh and it was especially well received by our gay friends.  

Well not long ago I came across a fun idea for hotdogs.  I shared the idea with my friend Andy from Chicago, he was amused and suggested we both have a cooking date and make the same thing in our own version and shared the recipe here.   We call it the Spagheddog!   The images below is self explanatory! :)  

Here is my Spagheddog, you can use any sauce you like for your spagheddog or just eat it on it's own.  I made a Bob Marley with my Spagheddog...but i kinda lost him in the sauce and accidentally ate him.....well I remembered my sad looking octopus before eating him....ok looks kinda gross cos I had to lick the cream sauce off his face so u can see his eyes and mouth for the photo.....

 Here is Andy's Spagheddog aglio olio,  he did a much better job than me considering he had a Hotdog scarecrow... which was suppose to be him on a swing with his dog Rupert somewhere nearby.

Bon Appetit
Monica Eng