Monday, December 20, 2010

Samgyeopsal - 삼겹살

We had a little gathering tonight and I've made one of my favourite gathering dish,  Samgyeopsal.  It's a very popular Korean bbq dish.  Samgyeopsal literally translates to 3 layered flesh.  Which is the delicious juicy Pork Belly.

Samgyeopsal is typically served with 2 kinds of sauce.  ssamjang (쌈장), a paste consisting of chilli paste (gochujang 고주장), soybean paste (doenjang 된장), sesame oil (jamgireum 잠기름) and other ingredients.  You can buy ssamjang from the Korean supermarket.  The other sauce used is (gireumjang 기름장), made with salt and sesame oil.  Usually samjang is used when the pork is eaten with vegetables like lettuce/ sesame leaves/ preserved radish sheets.  And the gireumjang is used when you want to taste the cooked meat itself.

Ingredients for the pit

Slices of pork belly
Slices of King Oyster mushroom
Slices of Garlic
Slices of Onion
Lettuce/ Sesame leaves

Ingredients for off the pit

preserved White radish sheets
Sesame oil
Ssamjang (Add some sesame oil in and stir till not so thick)
Gireumjang (Some salt in Sesame oil)

You'll need a hot plate but I much prefer grilling it on charcoal


Prepare Ssamjang & Gireumjang, set aside

Prepare lettuce & sesame leaves and set aside

Heat up pit. Make sure charcoal is amber.

Lay slices of pork belly, Onions, Mushroom, garlic on the grill

Cut slices of pork belly into bite size pieces

Wrap pork belly in lettuce or sesame leaves, add ssamjang and preserved radish sheets wrap it up and put whole thing in mouth.  What you want to put inside the wrap is really up to you, it can be as simple as just pork belly and ssamjang or you could put rice and kimchi as well.  And when u run out of vegetables, you just eat the meat with gireumjang as well.

Photos from Iphone

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  1. I love samgyeopsal! I always wondered what the proper name for gireumjang was ... I just called it sesame oil with salt and pepper haha, such a mouthful. Thanks for posting!!