Monday, December 13, 2010

Fresh green beans or Louvi

I decided to cook something more traditional. In Cyprus people eat Louvi (Fresh Green Beans) twice a week. I remember my mum forcing me to eat it when I was a child. Even though louvi is tradition for us, I love it and it is consider a healthy meal.

For the plain recipe I used Cypriot fresh Green Beans/Louvi and for the salad i used Austrian beans. You can use watever you want.

Plain Fresh Green Beans-Louvi Ingredients

Fresh Green Beans - Louvi (as much as you want)
Olive oil
1 lemon


Clean the beans really well.
Boil the green beans on high temperature for about 5 minute and then reduce the temperature at least half of what it was, cover the top of the pan and cook for another 25-30 minutes until cooked.
Drain them and add a bit of olive oil, lemon and salt.

Serve them with bread or some anchovies. If you want you can also serve them with a can of tuna, sliced onions, lemon, olive oil, salt and some parsley.

Ingredients for the salad

Fresh Green beans-louvi (I used Austrian beans this time, they are smaller in size)
fresh greens for the salad
canned tuna
onion or leek sliced(depends on your taste)
baby tomatoes (cut in half)


Cook the Green Beans as mentioned above.
Then add all the ingredients in a plate with a bit of olive oil, lemon and salt and serve.


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