Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mini Spring Rolls with Pork floss

With just 2.5 weeks away from Chinese New Year, I've been busy baking up a storm.  I was alittle over ambitious and out of the 3 items I've decided to make, 2 were extremely time consuming, not to mention also my first attempt at making them by myself.  In the past, I always acted as the helper for my mum.  Rolling spring rolls and stirring pineapple jams.  It's only now that I realise it's not so easy.  I've also learn alot from this "first time" experience.  

I learnt that over stuffing spring rolls is a big no no.....too much good stuff is not always good.  1/2 my spring rolls came out looking like they were victims of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre....the other half looked like they just came out of a gang fight. Later I learnt that frying spring rolls require plenty of patience....it has to be deepfried on low fire...slowly and gently.  So that they crisp evenly, inside & outside.  And to prevent them from cracking and bursting....DON"T OVER STUFF!!!

Ingredients to make 500-600 spring rolls

300gm Pork floss 
1 packet of Sesame seed (Roast till fragrant)
Square Spring roll skin (Comes in 2 sizes, get the smaller ones) 
Lotsa oil for deep frying


Mixed porkfloss and sesame seed together.  Mix evenly

Cut spring roll skin into 4 squares (Keep spring roll skin that you're not using under a piece of damp cloth to prevent it drying out)

Make starch with cornflour and water (for glueing the spring rolls together)

Put a little porkfloss mix on the spring roll skin and fold it. Stick the 2 sides with starch

Leave spring rolls to harden and dry for a day

Deep fry in hot oil on low heat.  

Drain oil and pack into boxes

Bon Appetit!
Monica Eng

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