Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Had Five Guys!

So I know I've been MIA for the last 3months or so.  Both Mary and I have been busy with our move to different parts of the world again.  Her to London and me to Chicago.

I've been cooking up a storm almost everyday just cos it's much cheaper to cook than to eat out.  Then again I'm in the land of amazingly good "Junk" food.  Don't ask me why but Coca cola and burgers just taste good here.  Mac was ok...KFC was pretty dry and gave me sore gum after that.  Then there was FIVE GUYS....OOoooo FIVE GUYS was amazing.  I've had Five Guys... 5 times since I arrived in Chicago .... Wait....just before you all get too excited...I did not literally had FIVE GUYS.....

Really...Five Guys had me at FREE delicious ground nuts.  The minute you enter.  U see boxes and boxes of Ground nuts and sacks and sacks of fresh potatoes.  So you know it's not shitty fries you're getting.  It's a REAL potato!  And on top of that there is a whole list of stuff that you can chose to have with you burger.  U can have them all if you like.  From Mushtrooms to pineapples to Jalepenos...these are just a few I can think of.  Bacon burger is a MUST TRY.  Those who know me will know how much I dislike Bacon...but I'd kill for the bacon burger at Five Guys.  It's fried till crispy and not as salty as regular bacon which is what I love about it.  The smokiness did not over power the chargrilled patties.  It was just PERFECT.

Their Cajun fries is absolutely TO DIE FOR.  Best fries ever.   Thou they definitely don't the the most fanciful packaging.  (Burger wrapped roughly in foil)  But it sure hell is quality fast food!

I'm going to pen off now and go prepare ingredients for Katsu Kare tonight.  And I promise that will be the next item on this blog you'll see. :)

Bon Appetit
Monica Eng