Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Brunch - Smoke Salmon with Cheese Omelette

My favourite meal of the day is Breakfast...but hardly do I have breakfast in the morning since I am more of a night owl.  So I do love the notion of an all-day-breakfast.  I get real excited when I step into a restaurant and sees ALL-DAY-BREAKFAST on the menu.  I almost always order a smoke salmon dish along with my favourite bircher muesli.  I'll leave the muesli recipe to another day.

Recently a friend of mine has asked for an easy recipe for brunch.  So I've whipped up something simple and wholesome with my favourite breakfast ingredients.  It's really's dinner time and I'm still full.  Then again....I had breakfast at 3pm. :P


2 eggs
2 tbsp Milk
3 slice of smoked salmon
One small baguette
One tomato
Mozzarella cheese (As much or as little as you like)
Olive Oil
Black Pepper

How to Make

Cut baguette into half, Slice tomatoes and slice mozzarella cheese (Optionally you can use mozzarella shavings)  lay tomatoes and then cheese on top of baguette.

Grill in oven for 15 mins or until cheese melt.  U can grill it longer if u like your tomatoes drier, I like my tomatoes still moist and cheese just melted.

Beat eggs with 2 tbsp of milk.  

Heat a little oil in pan on low heat.  When it's hot enough, add egg into pan.  Push the done sides into the centre and tilt the pan around so the liquid eggs go to the sides.  When the base is done but top is still gooey.  Add mozzarella cheese

Fold over the egg on both sides so the cheese is inside the egg.  Let it cook till the cheese melts.  Put in plate.

Drizzle a little olive oil on the bruschetta & Sprinkle some salt and pepper over omelette and bruschetta.

Serve with a side of your favourite fruit.

Bon Appetit!
Monica Eng

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