Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Results of Challenge #1 - Gluay Todd Thai Dessert

I am wayyy over my deadline on my first challenge. What a start! :P

I have to try harder next time.

So... Gluay Todd a Thai Dessert or Fried Bananas in other words. When Monica gave me the challenge and I read Gluay Todd, I was like "What?"  I've never heard of it before. But Bananas? I don't really like bananas as a dessert, they make me feel a bit sick, so I was kinda worried about this one! :)

I found a recipe using google and went to the supermarket to pick the stuff up. I couldn't find Tapioca Flour, so I bought Tapioca Cream. With Tapioca Cream I will have to use less water with the rice flour though.

So I took the stuff home and my friend Alicia came over with her boyfriend and together they helped me with the challenge.

We started following the recipe and decided to use only four bananas for the three of us, so we sliced the bananas into thick pieces.

When we opened the can of the Tapioca cream and looked inside it was like it was full of small eggs. To be honest it looked kinda disgusting.

We mixed the Tapioca Cream with the flour and then we added the coconut, baking soda, sugar, salt, sesame seeds and we started pouring the water in slowly. It was really difficult to measure the quantity of the water because we were using Tapioca Cream instead of Tapioca Flour. It came out a bit mushy I think but I am not exactly sure. :) Experiment to find your own perfect consistency.

We dipped the bananas in the cream and then we fried them one by one. They were ready in seconds. We have to admit that they were really amazing! We finished them all! ^_^

Next time though I will slice them into thin pieces instead of thick because the thinnest ones in this bunch were more crunchy and tasty.

Bon Apetit!

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  1. Awwww I'm so proud of you Mary!!! It's really well-done. Great job on the substitution! I've never seen Tapioca cream in Singapore before. I am so curious about it!!! Oooooo I wish I can taste the Gluay Todd thou!!! YUMYUM!!!