Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Janssons Frestalse (Jansson's Temptation)

As promised in my previous post, here is the recipe for Janssons Frestalse.

I've never been a real big fan of potatoes, the only potato dish I like is really Shoestring french fries.  I use potatoes alot in my cooking but I hardly eat them.  I much prefer sweet potatoes. :)

During my search for Swedish meatballs recipe, I came across pictures of Jansson's Temptation and I was drawn to it.  Perhaps it was the seductive name Jansson's Temptation that drawn me.... I mean who would name a NON CHOCOLATE DISH a temptation....I figured that if it was so tempting for Jansson....It must be good!!

And true enough, Jansson's Temptation turns out to be this creamy, fragrant, melt in your mouth seduction.  I couldn't get enough of it.  Only thing I changed in the recipe was I used Herrings instead of Anchovies.  I really really do not fancy anchovies at all and I think it would ruin the dish for me. :P


6 Large Potato (sliced)
1 Large onion (sliced)
Bout 10 fillets of Anchovies or 1 tin of Herrings (You can add more if you like but this portion is just nice for me. Not too fishy)
1.5 cup of double cream
1/2 cup milk (Could be less, I estimated here or you could just go for 2 cups of cream)
Bread crumbs
Dill (I love dill so I topped it off with some)

How to make

Slice potatoes and large onion, 

Heat oven to 220 degrees celsius

Oil your baking dish.  Start with a layer of potato then onions and fish.  Reserve the fish juice from the tin for later use. As in the picture above.  

Keep going till you reach the top, end with a layer of potatoes.  

Mix cream, milk and juice from herrings,  pour over dish, top with dill

Sprinkle breadcrumbs on top.  Dot with salted butter.

 Place on baking sheet to catch any cream which bubbles over (I forgot...) Bake in oven for 45mins until the cream reduces and the dish turns golden brown.

 Voila!!! Janssons Frestalse!!

You can eat it as it is or serve with a side of Swedish Meat balls.  

 Smaklig måltid
Monica Eng

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