Friday, January 14, 2011

Nutty Fruity Chocolate Cornflakes treats

Chocolates. Ahhh....Chocolates.  The only food source that can bring an instant smile on your face even on the most depressive day.  I used to say, eating rich chocolate is like having a mental orgasm.  You feel the joy spread throughout your body as the chocolate slowly melts and spreads in your tongue..Infact,  it's better then sex.....well....ok...sometimes.  

This chocolate treat I've made will not give you a mind blowing orgasm, but it will definitely leave you tingling with joy. 


- 1 packet Semi sweet chocolate  
- 1 bar of flavoured chocolate of your choice or just plain 
(I used Passionfruit caramel)
- Mixed dried fruits
- Crushed Pecan nuts (Roasted)
- Crushed Almonds (Roasted)
- 1/2 bar Butter 
(I used salted as I wanted a salty caramel flavour)
- Crushed cornflakes

How to make

Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl

Melt chocolate with butter (Do not drop any water in the chocolate mixture as it will cause chocolate to turn bad/sour quickly)

Mix wet and dry ingredients together
Scoop them into little paper cups
Leave in room temperature to cool (if you leave in Tropical country, on the aircon)
Decorate or attempt to decorate

 Bon Appetit
Monica Eng

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