Saturday, January 15, 2011

부대찌개 (Bu-dae Chigae) - "Army Stew"

I was watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain's food tour in Korea 2 weeks ago.  And they had introduced Bu-dae Chigae, if anyone of you have watched Anthony Bourdain eat....I swear that guy can make a cockroach seem tasty too.  Plus it seems fairly easy to make too.  (Took me only 15mins to prepare)

Budae translates into "army" in Korean and chigae means stew.  This dish originated from the Korean War.  During the war, Koreans have salvaged any means of food from the American soldiers in which there were an abundance of hotdog, sausages and spam along with other staples.  And all these food were transformed into a Korean style stew.  Budae Chigae.  

This is my version.  I used most of the things I found in my fridge.  Amount depends on the number of  people dining.


Firm tofu
Spring onions
Long cabbage
Pork belly strips (or u can use mince beef)
Spam (luncheon meat)
Kimchi & kimchi juice (Optional if you don't like kimchi)
Korean Rice cakes (I didn't use this, cos i didn't want so much carbs)
Bake beans (I didn't use this either, not big fan of bake beans)
Chicken stock
2-3 tablespoon Gojujang (korean hot pepper sauce)

How to make

Lay everything nicely in the pot.  (Shabu shabu Hotpot so everyone can eat while it cooks on the table) 

Add chicken stock till it just about cover all ingredients.
Cover and cook for 30mins, mix the ingredients up as you cook so the flavour blends properly.
Add noodles when stew is ready so they don't over cook

Set extra portion of ingredients aside so you can keep adding as you eat
Serve with rice

Bon Appetit
Monica Eng

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