Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Panfried Salmon with Mango & Strawberry

Today I've decided to cook fish!  I've not eaten fish for a long time and my hair will need all the Omega 3 it can get right now.... due to really bad sleeping patterns and sleeping with wet hair they are falling out in chunks these days...Urgh...perhaps I should really get a hair cut soon. :( 

Again today I found salmon on sale at the supermarket.  Not all of them were very fresh, but this piece that cost me only S$5.00 was springy and had a good orange to it.  

Pan-fried Salmon with Mango & Strawberry salsa serve with side of Butternut squash puree & sauteed Spinach with onions & sesame.


Mango (Chopped into little squares)
Strawberries (Chopped into little squares)
Onions (Chopped into little squares)
Mint leaves - chopped (I didn't find this in the supermarket today...)
Balsamic vinegar
Honey (I used manuka just to be extra healthy)
Butternut squash
Sliced onions
Sesame seed
Olive oil


Mixed chopped mango, strawberries, onions, mint leaves in a bowl, add a dash of balsamic vinegar & some honey.  Mix them up well and let it sit covered in the fridge for 20mins

Cut butternut squash into small pieces and steam

Mash up the steamed butternut squash with a knob of butter and some salt to taste.  Set aside

Stir fry sliced onions with sesame seeds till onion wilts.  Add spinach and stir fry, add salt to taste, cover for 3 mins till vege wilts.  Set aside

Dry Salmon with Kitchen towel.  Heat pan on medium.  Rub salt and pepper on salmon just before it enters the pan.  Panfry to skin side down first.  The timing depends on the thickness of the salmon.  Drain salmon on kitchen towel.

Serve all the above together.  Serving suggestion below.  Garnish with strawberry.

Bon Appetit
Monica Eng


  1. looks too good to eat!!! :P~~

  2. Lol yeah i think it's the prettiest thing I've made in this blog LOL...