Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blue Steak with Potato Puree

I've been watching Hell's Kitchen so much lately and all that steak cooking had left me craving for a nice bloody steak for weeks now.

I've always love my steak real bloody!!  But I'm sure if Gordon saw my steak he would say "OH COMON, IT"S BLUE!! WTF ARE YOU DOING??? IT"S SO RAW THE VET COULD BRING THIS COW BACK TO LIFE"  But I love my steak rarer then rare and my potato smoother then silk.

So here is my Blue Steak with potato puree dinner.

Ingredients (Serve 1)

1 Ribeye steak (At least 1inch in thickness or more)
1 onion
2.5 potatoes
Thick cream
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil

How to make

Do not marinate the steak in advance as salt will draw out the water from the meat and leave your steak dehydrated.  I just covered my steak with some chopped onions.  Steak must be left outside till it's room temperature before cooking.  Unless you want it BLUE & COLD.

Peel and steam the potatoes (Cut into medium size pieces first....I forgot so it took a longer time to steam)

Slice onions.

Heat up a pan with some olive oil.  On low heat stir fry the onions till it's soft.  About 20mins.  Don't burn the onion.

Add 1tbs balsamic vinegar and 1 tsp of brown sugar in the onions.  Keep cooking on low heat for another 5-8 mins till it caramelise.  Use this asap, do not let it stand for too long.  If you have to make this in advance.  Put in in the microwave to heat up for a 10 seconds before use.

When potato is ready, mash it up with a fork or potato ricer.  But a fork would do as the potato should be very soft by now.

Cook mashed potato on low heat in a pan.  Add thick cream, a knob of butter and milk and salt to taste.  Don't put too much as you do not want runny mash.  Add little by little till the mash is of the consistency you like.

Dry the steak with kitchen towel, sprinkle some salt on both side of the steak (do that just before dropping the steak into the pan) Heat up some olive oil and a knob of butter.  On high heat (so the outer layer browns faster while the inside stays BLUE).  When oil is hot.  Put steak into pan.  For a 1inch thickness steak cook for 70secs (80secs for rare) on each side.  DO NOT PRESS OR TOUCH THE STEAK WHEN IT"S COOKING.  U can move the pan to make sure the steak doesn't stick to the pan.  Other wise do not touch it.

Remove from pan and drain oil on kitchen towel. Not too long thou.  Just dap lightly on both side, DO NOT PRESS!!!  U don't want to squeeze the juice out.

Serve with mash and desired vegetable for garnish.   Greens would be good but I was in a mood for grilled baby corns. :D  Remember, eat immediately...the steak continues to cook even after it's out of the pan so if you leave it out for too long, it might turn into a medium instead.

Bon Appetit
Monica Eng

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