Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Potato soup with curry and yogurt

I was with a friend of mine last night and we wanted to cook something really quick to eat. It was yummy. Kev loved it so much, he even licked the whole pan.


900gr potatoes (cut in small pieces)
1 litre water with vegetable stock
1 ½ tbsp curry (I use rajah mild curry)
1/4 litre milk or some fresh cream
1 onion (cut in pieces)


We add the onion in the pan with some oil and then the potatoes. Meanwhile we add the stock and the curry in a litre of hot water and add it to the pan . If the potatoes are not covered with water we add some more. We wait for 20 minutes until the potatoes are cooked and then we smash them with a mixer. When done we add the milk or the fresh cream, the salt, the pepper and the parsley and we let it boil for a minute or two and then we serve with yogurt.

You can also serve it without the yogurt but I think it tastes much better with it.

Enjoy it!!!

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